30 March 2006

Guardian in San Francisco

One of our reporters has travelled to San Francisco to report on the growing trend of Americans choosing Scottish universities over the Ivy Leagues. Be sure to see his special report in the next issue of Guardian, out April 24th.

Guardian on Taggart

Your very own student newspaper starred in last night's episode of Taggart. The Glasgow Uni Messenger was based on Guardian (the name had to be changed for copyright). Our deputy editor met the producers to tell them what it was like working in student media and showed them around our offices.

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Because sometimes 5,000 copies isn't enough

Welcome to the brand new Glasgow Guardian blog. With even David Cameron talking about the digital age we thought it was time we moved into the 21st century and here is the result. Unimpressive to say the least but that will change. The idea is to turn this into a between issue port of call for all your campus news needs and going out recommendations, truly a much-needed new outlet for online time-wasting now that exams are weighing upon us. So come back soon and prepare to be amazed.