16 May 2006

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Here's the stories from our new issue. The best comments will be published in the next issue.

Summer of discontent
As the pay dispute trundles on, the AUT say final year students won't be able to graduate unless a solution is reached immediately. Students could even sue the uni if they can prove they've suffered a loss of earnings

Medicines unaffordable for 23%
Almost a quarter of Glasgow Uni students can't afford their prescriptions while half of students have trouble completing the HC1 form to exempt them from charges

First term exams to take place before Xmas
Changes to the university calendar could bring the September term forward by two weeks, with exams the two weeks before Christmas

Vet Rodeo turns over £15k
6,000 people turned up to the annual Vet Rodeo, raising £15,000 for local charities

Defrauded students face jail
Glasgow has seen a rise in criminals offering students cash for their bank details - anyone taking part could be charged with money laundering

English Invasion
The number of non-Scottish UK students applying to Scottish universities has risen by a fifth over the last two years

A Hub of Inactivity
The Hub Building is three years behind schedule and has cost the uni £1 million in lost revenue


johnb said...

What has become of the hub? I never notice it until exam time - it'd be a useful place to have right beside the library

jenny said...

i know its such an eyesore i heard they cant knock it down cos its full of aspestos or summit

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the uni would rather spend money on fancy new med buildings than work with what they've got

nothing_no said...

Wasn't there an e-mail sent out about what to do with it? What was decided?

porky said...

if an e-mail is just being sent out now then nothing will be done for yrs. it closed just after I came here and Ill be gone by the time its back

Anonymous said...

In fairness it looks like the uni has a few other worries at the moment without having to think of the hub...

Anonymous said...

I have just finished my first year and i remember when i came to uni last september thinking "what the hell is that?" when i saw the hub. I think its ridiculous that a building so central on campus can be allowed to fall into the state it is now. It lowers the tone of the surrounding area and spoils the aesthetics of what i think is one of the most architecturaly beautiful universities in the uk.
- Sandy