11 July 2006

Your patience has been rewarded...

Issue 10 is now available. Read it and see what all the fuss is about.

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29 June 2006

Digital issue

Sorry to those of you who wanted to get the latest issue. I can understand why: it's surely the most explosive we've ever done. But unfortunately our IT types insist on taking holidays. The issue will be up soon.

7 June 2006

Lecturer boycott comes to an end

Following national negoiations the industrial action by members of the Universities andColleges Union has ended with immediate effect.

This will mean that the marking of exam papers will now begin in all departments.

Sir Muir Russell, Principal of Glasgow University, told students that he regretted the last few months but everything should return to normal.

He said: "I hope this will allow all students to receive their marks in good time and final year students to graduate as planned. I deeply regret the worry this recent industrial dispute may have causedyou, on top of the normal anxiety associated with the exam period."

27 May 2006

23 hours of talk and the strike continues

After 23 hours of talk between the AUT (Association of University Teachers) and UCEA (University and College Employers Association), no resolution has been reached and talks are to resume on Tuesday 30th May.

26 May 2006

Guardian wins two media awards

Budding journalists from across the country descended upon Oran Mor in Glasgow on Wednesday night for this year’s Scottish Student Press Awards.
Students from the city dominated at the ceremony, ably hosted by Daryl Broadfoot of The Herald, with two Glasgow University Guardian writers picking up awards, and three prizes going to the Glasgow University Magazine, including Student Journalist of the Year for its fashion editor, Jenny Munro.
She wins a prize of £500 plus a paid work placement at The Herald, which the MC cheekily suggested made a total prize fund of £600.

The full list of winners and those nominated:

Best News Writer: Winner: Robert Mackie – Guardian, Glasgow University; Nominated: Andy Milne – Student, Edinburgh University; Paul Traynor – Student, Edinburgh University;

Best Features Writer: Winner: Graeme Allister – Guardian, Glasgow University; Nominated: Liam Arnold – Guardian, Glasgow University; Natalie Boddy – Guardian, Glasgow University; Jo Kerr – The Saint, St Andrews University;

Best Sports Writer: Winner: Alex Kay – Student, Edinburgh University; Nominated: Ian Massie – Student, Edinburgh University; Laurence Tonkin – The Saint, St Andrews University;

Best Photographer: Winner: Alastair Macpherson, Stevenson College; Nominated: John Fluharty, St Andrews University; James Robertson, Edinburgh University;

Best Production: Winner: Glasgow University Magazine, Glasgow University; Nominated: Guardian, Glasgow University; The Saint, St Andrews University; Student, Edinburgh University;

Best College Publication: Cardonald Courier, Cardonald College; Nominated: Sorted, Adam Smith College;

Best Magazine: Winner: Glasgow University Magazine, Glasgow University; Nominated: Qmunicate, Glasgow University;

Best Newspaper: Winner: Student, Edinburgh University; Nominated: Guardian, Glasgow University; The Saint, St Andrews University;

Student Journalist of the Year: Winner: Jenny Munro, Glasgow University Magazine, Glasgow; Nominated: Robert Mackie – Guardian, Glasgow University; Graeme Allister – Guardian, Glasgow University.

25 May 2006

700 students say 'Get it sorted'

The SRC's campaign to sort out the deadlock between lecturers and uni bosses began at 7.30 am today. 100 early risers blockaded three spots on campus with banners reading 'Get it sorted'. The protest ran until lunchtime and a further 600 students came out to protest.

23 May 2006

SRC tackles strike

As the lecturer's strike continues, the SRC has been contacting staff and university bosses in hope of resolving the issue before students become further disadvantaged by it.

On Thursday 25th May, the SRC are holding a meeting outside the library at 7.30am for students to vent their frustration over the apparent deadlock. Matthew "Spoonie" Davies, the VP Education promised a surprise as to the exact nature of the morning's action but said bacon rolls would be provided as a further incentive.

In an e-mail to the student body, Davies explained, "This is an issue which affects every single one of you. Make no mistake about it, this may well be the most serious issue which will affect you in your time at this institution and if you are not willing to take a stand now, when will you be?"

Books to Bragg about

Bookshops and television screens are currently plagued by Melvyn Bragg’s vanity project ’12 Books That Changed The Wolrd’. There are only so many ways in which Bragg could fail on this project; not being able to count to twelve would be one of them, not understanding what a book is the other. It is the latter which has proved a stumbling block for Bragg who has chosen speeches and declarations. There’s not a novel in sight, nor anything non-British. Read the whole sorry mess here.

So in the hope of providing a more thoughtful list, I contacted any vaguely intellectual type I could think of. Out of 93 pleas to actors, playwrights, journalists etc I got 12 positive replies. Looking in my inbox became a new source of rejection; Internet daters have it hard.
“Ms Fielding thanks you for your interest but is declining”, came the reply from Helen Fielding’s agent. Funny that, considering the debt Bridget Jones owes to Jane Austen I thought ripping off a successful book would be of great interest to her.

I even contacted Richard and Judy, overcoming my heart-stopping hatred of Richard Madeley. It seemed impossible to contact just Judy; like her vodkas, they only come as a double.

So here are the kind souls who replied, along with those that we didn't have room for. Any glaring omissions? Leave your own comments.

18 May 2006

DVD giveaway

To celebrate the travesty that is Poseidon, the original (and vastly superior) The Poseidon Adventure is being released on DVD and we have a copy to give away. Considered the first ever blockbuster, you can experience Gene Hackman and Shelley Winters upside down in a boat for two hours. To be in with a chance click here and leave a comment on our blog about any of our news stories.

16 May 2006

Glasgow University Guardian - Be part of it

The Glasgow University Guardian is looking for enthusiastic and talented student writers with and interest in media to fill the following positions next year:

- News Editor
- News Reporter
- Sports Editor
- Sports Reporter
- Features Editor
- Arts Editor
- Music Editor
- Lifestyle Editor
- Film Editor
- Web Editor/ Technician

For further information and full job descriptions email:

Have your say...

Here's the stories from our new issue. The best comments will be published in the next issue.

Summer of discontent
As the pay dispute trundles on, the AUT say final year students won't be able to graduate unless a solution is reached immediately. Students could even sue the uni if they can prove they've suffered a loss of earnings

Medicines unaffordable for 23%
Almost a quarter of Glasgow Uni students can't afford their prescriptions while half of students have trouble completing the HC1 form to exempt them from charges

First term exams to take place before Xmas
Changes to the university calendar could bring the September term forward by two weeks, with exams the two weeks before Christmas

Vet Rodeo turns over £15k
6,000 people turned up to the annual Vet Rodeo, raising £15,000 for local charities

Defrauded students face jail
Glasgow has seen a rise in criminals offering students cash for their bank details - anyone taking part could be charged with money laundering

English Invasion
The number of non-Scottish UK students applying to Scottish universities has risen by a fifth over the last two years

A Hub of Inactivity
The Hub Building is three years behind schedule and has cost the uni £1 million in lost revenue

14 May 2006

Out on Tuesday

We're just putting the final touches to the next issue. For everything you need to know about the AUT strike and how it affects you make sure you pick up a copy when they hit the streets on Tuesday. For those that can't wait we'll put it on the web tomorrow.

11 May 2006

Guardian nominated for six media awards

Guardian has been nominated for six awards at this year's Scottish Student Press Awards in association with The Herald.
News editor Robert Mackie was nominated for best news writer whilst Deputy Editor Graeme Allister was shorlisted for features writer, along with his colleagues Liam Arnold and Natalie Boddy.
The paper was also nominated for best newspaper and best production.
The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in Oran Mor on May 24th.
To see the list of all the finalists click here.

8 May 2006

Bank Charges Feedback

As you may have seen, Guardian has been covering the SRC's bank charges campaign and we would like to know what feedback people have been getting from the banks.

If you've used the advice in our Beat the Banker article or been helped by the Advice Centre to get your charges refunded we would like to hear from you. If you would like to share your experiences with other students at the uni just drop us an email at guardiannews@src.gla.ac.uk


5 May 2006

Guardian discussed at Senate

Guardian's investigation into the chronic lack of resources and poor standards in the University's Music Department was discussed at the highest level last night: Senate.

To find out what students think about this story, and any others, click here to have your say.

4 May 2006

New Print Media Heads Announced

Robert Mackie and Ryan Vance are to take over the editorship of Guardian from September 2006 whilst Guardian's incumbent Deputy Editor Graeme Allister is moving to the University's magazine: GUM.

2 May 2006

Guardian online

We've never had so much demand for an issue before. All 5000 copies were gone within a few days. After we received the seventh email complaining there were none left we decided, at last, to put the issue online. Sorry for making you wait.

The files are big so we've put each section up separately.
News, comment, sport
Outline: Features
Insight: Music, Film and Arts reviews

If you've any comments be sure to leave them on the blog at have your say

26 April 2006

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Here's the stories from our new issue. The best comments will be published in the next issue.

Exams ban for mobile cheats

University bosses have warned that students caught using their mobile phone in exams will be refused credit and banned from future assessments.

America’s Ivy League: Yale, Harvard, Princeton and… Glasgow

Students in the USA are choosing Glasgow University over the more prestigious American institutions, according to new figures.

Watchdog says unfair bank charges are illegal

Credit card charges above £12 are unfair, according to the Office of Fair Trading.

We Need Your Help

Glasgow police chiefs believe students, as well as other communities in the city, need to help them in their drive to eradicate the culture of violence which exists in the city.

Music dept in resource crisis

Students studying music at Glasgow University have said the department is under-resourced and that the teaching is too simplistic.

New students’ representative council elected

Glasgow students last month elected a new Student Representative Council

New issue out now

The latest issue of Guardian is out now. Get your copy at the unions, library, dining rooms and in the John Mac building and it'll soon be online. Enjoy.

23 April 2006

Contributor meeting

We're having a contributor meeting Monday 24th April (and every Monday) at 5.00pm in the Williams Room.

Hope to see you there.

Guardian goes bumper

We're putting the finishing touches to the biggest Guardian ever. As well as news, comment, sport and insight we've introduced a new features pullout.

Don't miss interviews with David Icke, Shirley Henderson and Uri Geller. Also features from Guardian's shortlisted columnist Natalie Boddy of Sex and the Semester fame.

In insight we have an exclusive triptych special. An online issue will be up tomorrow afternoon and hard copies will flood campus on Tuesday.

If you have any comments on the issue be sure to leave them on the blog

21 April 2006

Editor wanted

We're looking for a new editor. Anyone interested in applying should contact Shona Morrison (vp-comms@src.gla.ac.uk) for a full job description.

13 April 2006

Guardian recommends...

Blasted at the Tron Theatre

Anything described by the Daily Mail as a “a disgusting feast of filth” must be worth a look. And if you know the work of Sarah Kane you'll know exactly what they mean. A playwright who fought her demons by putting them on stage, only to be ultimately fatally consumed by them off-stage, this play looks into the dark recesses of love, examining cruelty and abuse. It's presented by the award-winning disabled theatre group GRAEAE.

Click here for details.

3 April 2006

Have your say

Here's a summary of the news stories in the last issue. To read the entire articles click here. You can have your say on these stories, or anything else, by commenting on this blog. The best opinions will be printed in the new blogspot feature and one winner will bag a prize.

Fatally attacked student mourned

Friends of a student, fatally attacked on Sauchiehall Street last week paid tribute to his passion for life

Unfair bank charges costing students over £1.2 million a year

Students at Glasgow University are paying over £1.2 million in bank charges every year, a new survey has found

Lecturers call on students to support them as they begin strikes and assessment bans

Glasgow University is one of many higher education institutions that are boycotting all assessment to force employers into a fairer pay deal

Fear and fire at Murano St

Residents at Glasgow University’s largest students village have sad they have no faith in the site’s security according to a recent survey

National Student Survey unsuitable

An official at one of the country’s leading universities has said the National Student Survey is unsuitable for Scotland

Fare’s not fair

Glasgow students could face massive price increases if a local bus operator manages to overturn fare ‘capping’ legislation

Hunterian Denies Negligence

Staff at the Hunterian art gallery are divided over revelations in the last issue of Guardian that valuable art work may be in danger

Student leaders chosen

Both of Glasgow University’s student unions chose their new boards in their annual general elections last week

Guardian recommends...

Jane Eyre at the Citz

Forget the staid productions you were dragged along to see with your English class, this is a production by the Shared Experience theatre company, a group determined to revitalise classics with drama and excitement. Purists beware.

Click here for more info.

2 April 2006

Glasgow celebrity spots

Because why should Heat readers and stalkers have all the fun? Recent spottings on Byres Rd have included the queens of daytime TV, Kaye Adams (the only likable one on ITV's daily hen party Loose Women) and Miss Hooley, the school teacher with one outfit from Balamory (allegedly married to Greg Hemphill). Elsewhere Ashton Lane attracted Ken "Rebus" Stott and Sam "forget-the-Sam-bit-I-just-go-by-my-surname" Preston (Chantelle was not in attendance. No doubt too busy living the dream).

Can anyone top this galaxy of stars?

1 April 2006

Scottish Student Press Awards

The Herald have launched their annual student press awards. For more information click here.


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30 March 2006

Guardian in San Francisco

One of our reporters has travelled to San Francisco to report on the growing trend of Americans choosing Scottish universities over the Ivy Leagues. Be sure to see his special report in the next issue of Guardian, out April 24th.

Guardian on Taggart

Your very own student newspaper starred in last night's episode of Taggart. The Glasgow Uni Messenger was based on Guardian (the name had to be changed for copyright). Our deputy editor met the producers to tell them what it was like working in student media and showed them around our offices.

Read our latest issue here

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It's a big file so best to tackle it with broadband. Worth the wait, we assure you.

Once you're in your pdf viewer go to the view menu and choose facing pages so you can see the centre spread art work.

Because sometimes 5,000 copies isn't enough

Welcome to the brand new Glasgow Guardian blog. With even David Cameron talking about the digital age we thought it was time we moved into the 21st century and here is the result. Unimpressive to say the least but that will change. The idea is to turn this into a between issue port of call for all your campus news needs and going out recommendations, truly a much-needed new outlet for online time-wasting now that exams are weighing upon us. So come back soon and prepare to be amazed.