2 April 2006

Glasgow celebrity spots

Because why should Heat readers and stalkers have all the fun? Recent spottings on Byres Rd have included the queens of daytime TV, Kaye Adams (the only likable one on ITV's daily hen party Loose Women) and Miss Hooley, the school teacher with one outfit from Balamory (allegedly married to Greg Hemphill). Elsewhere Ashton Lane attracted Ken "Rebus" Stott and Sam "forget-the-Sam-bit-I-just-go-by-my-surname" Preston (Chantelle was not in attendance. No doubt too busy living the dream).

Can anyone top this galaxy of stars?


Anonymous said...

I either saw Fran Healy or someone trying too hard to look like him smoking outside Brel today. Even celebs can't escape the banit seems

Anonymous said...

you can't have a west end celebrity spot without mentioning the host of river city stars who make can be found on byres road on any given day!

but if we're not counting the lovely roisin and pals as celebs, I bumped into Graham Coxon in Nice n Sleazy last month. must have been quite miserable for him, an ex-alcoholic sat in a pub after a gig and trying not to have a drink..

GUM Editor said...

I refuse to call anyone in River City a celebrity. Ditto Shell from Big Brother. But points for Graham Coxon - Sleazys is great for a post-gig spotting.