3 April 2006

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Fatally attacked student mourned

Friends of a student, fatally attacked on Sauchiehall Street last week paid tribute to his passion for life

Unfair bank charges costing students over £1.2 million a year

Students at Glasgow University are paying over £1.2 million in bank charges every year, a new survey has found

Lecturers call on students to support them as they begin strikes and assessment bans

Glasgow University is one of many higher education institutions that are boycotting all assessment to force employers into a fairer pay deal

Fear and fire at Murano St

Residents at Glasgow University’s largest students village have sad they have no faith in the site’s security according to a recent survey

National Student Survey unsuitable

An official at one of the country’s leading universities has said the National Student Survey is unsuitable for Scotland

Fare’s not fair

Glasgow students could face massive price increases if a local bus operator manages to overturn fare ‘capping’ legislation

Hunterian Denies Negligence

Staff at the Hunterian art gallery are divided over revelations in the last issue of Guardian that valuable art work may be in danger

Student leaders chosen

Both of Glasgow University’s student unions chose their new boards in their annual general elections last week

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